From Idea to Business

You have an idea and want to create a business? With our proven lean startup and customer-centric approach you will get there fast.

Our approach is designed for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to act immediately and create tangible results in every step.  It was proven in startups and big corporations to get feedback as soon and as often as possible.

Meet likeminded people and get feedback

The Co-Creation Series “From Idea To Business”

Find Your Niche & Target Group

Find Your Niche & Target Group

You want to accurately select the target group for your business and approach customers without wasting time and money? Let’s find the right way to get to your customers. Find your niche and target group

  • Know where to find and how to approach your potential customers
  • Better interpret customers’ needs and create a specific persona for your target group
  • Reach out to potential customers and start getting feedback
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Value Proposition & Pricing

Value Proposition & Pricing

You want to sell your product or service to the market but are unclear about your customer’s  willingness to pay? Let’s find the ideal pricing model for your unique value:

  • Define the value you bring to your customers
  • Learn about pricing models and ways to present your value
  • Test your customers’ willingness to pay and start selling
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Customer Journey & Delights

Customer Journey & Delights

You want to differentiate your brand from competitors and provide a winning experience? Let’s convince your potential customers with your uniqueness. Delight customers along their journey:

  • Define the starting point of your customer’s journey and develop an end-to-end view
  • Create ways to delight your customers at crucial points in the journey
  • Identify the crucial topics regarding fulfillment and start working on it
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Sales Funnel & Online Marketing

Sales Funnel & Online Marketing

You want to improve your sales and develop existing customers? Let’s roll out the red carpet for your customers. Create a sales funnel towards your offer and market it online:

  • Learn to pick up your customers where they are
  • Design a step by step sales funnel towards your product or service
  • Take the first step and reach out to your customers
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Prototyping & Testing

Prototyping & Testing

You want to test on ore more business ideas? Let’s find out whether your offering kicks. Prototype your idea, start testing and get early feedback:

  • Tell a consistent and compelling story on your channels
  • Build a landing page or online profile to promote your product or service
  • Reach out to customers, collect feedback to refine your offer
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Key Benefits

  • Learn about new methods and apply them immediately
  • Get valuable insights and feedback
  • Take the next step with tangible results in every workshop


Community  Events

Join us at our free coworking sessions, evening events, brownbags and breakfast sessions to get a quick knowledge boost.

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Deep Dive Workshops

Work on dedicated topics in a small group setting. Get know-how, tools, and answers to your individual questions.

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Team Sprints

Go with your team in one week from a rough idea to a prototype that allows you to collect customer and stakeholder feedback.

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Take a break from the daily business routine and give innovation a chance. For one week, focus on your idea and enjoy a inspirational environment in the Canaries.

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We combine customer know-how, business and digital skills

Sarah Seyr


We benefit from business and technology that is aimed to add value. As a customer experience strategist & organizational developer, I have been helping companies, startups, and entrepreneurs for years with customer-centered business design and experience innovation.

I mostly worked with companies form this industry: IT and telecommunications, financial and other services, education and training.

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Adrian Schimpf


Creating innovative products and services that make users’ lives better has been my mission for more than fifteen years. I work as a Product Manager, Experience Consultant, Solution Architect and a Software Engineer.

I have helped companies in various industries. Among them are: E-Commerce, Hotel and Leisure, Telecommunication and Financial Services.

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Meet likeminded people and get feedback