Marketing Automation Canvas

Develop a strategy and concept for your Marketing Automation

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  • Connect customers and business goals
  • Identify potentials of the customer journey
  • Invest where most value is created
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How to use the Marketing Automation Canvas

Meta Information


Which project or project is it about?


Note the number of iterations. Is it e.g. the first time you work on this topic? The second or third time? To help you keeping the overview.

First Column

Goal / Why

From your business perspective, what is your goal? Why do you want to automate your marketing? Would you like to increase your customer satisfaction?

Customer Journey

For which customer journey do you see the greatest potential to achieve your business goal with? Write down the journey here. Which persona goes through this journey? Enter it in the midsection.


Write down what interactions the customer has with the organization during said journey. For example: Google, landing page, Youtube video, social media, telephone support, email, e-commerce, etc.

Solve a problem

What difficulties, hurdles, or low lights do you experience when going through this journey out the customer’s perspective? What can we do with Marketing Automation?

Second Column


Phrase a goal or hypothesis of what we will achieve if we solve the problem. Phrase this goal with SMART: Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic, Scheduled


Who are we doing the whole thing for? What does this person want? How would the expression of this wish in one sentence look like? For example: E-Mail purchase, “It just has to work”.


What does our marketing automation solution look like which solves our problem, contributes to our business goals and brings added value to our persona.

Third Column

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

What does a minimally usable version of our solution look like to check whether our solution and our hypothesis are correct?


Can or should we use existing systems? Do we have special (legal) rules or (company) values, which we have to take into account?


What must be done to implement the MVP?


How much time and money do we have to invest to reach the MVP? For the first step, a rough estimate is enough: Little, medium, or much?

Marketing Automation Canvas

Develop a strategy and concept for your Marketing Automation