Mautic Cloud Hosting

Mautic Cloud Hosting

Everything you need to generate leads, segment them and send relevant emails.

Mautic Installation Packages

Mautic Installation Packages

Versatile best practice setup packages for a quick start.

Individual Services

Individual Services

Individual installation services e.g. to connect Mautic to a company system such as: CRM, CMS, ERP.

Quick and easy Mautic installation

Proven and Tested

All templates and themes are proven and tested in practice.

Responsive and Retina

All templates are technically up to date and cover the maximum of devices.

High Quality

Tested code ensures all templates and themes to be of highest quality.

Optimised for KPI

Thanks to our long lasting experience, all templates, themes, forms and landing pages are optimised for the most important KPIs.

Mautic Cloud Hosting & Best Practice Installation

Quick & Easy

Quickly and without the necessity of technical know-how to a best practice installation of Mautic by Idea2.

Lead Management

Generate and segment leads from your website.


Sending Emails

Send relevant emails that will be read.

Buy Mautic Installation

Mautic Installation with Individual Coding

Individual installation services e.g. for connecting Mautic to company-owned systems such as: CRM, CMS, ERP. Or a further development of the functionality of Mautic. There is a wide selection of existing plugins for standard systems.



We integrate software solutions according to your needs which are flexible and interchangeable at any time.

Open Source

Invest in content, not technology. We build on open source software and make sure that you are not dependent on expensive tools.

Visionary and Foresightful

We build on modular processes, our concept and approach is to assure integration of with what will come in the future.

Standardized, not Standard

Our solutions include a strategy and a systematic but open approach.


Get ready for the challenges ahead and use the digital possibilities to stand out from your competition.

In the Media

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