Identify, qualify, and send relevant emails to your leads with open source marketing automation

Marketing Automation enables you to identify anonymous visitors, qualify them as leads, and send them personalized communication messages. All autonomously, and thanks to open source, with a maximum of data privacy.

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This is how marketing automation works

New Digital Tools

State of the art technology allows you to build sales funnels with automated campaigns and the use of bots and artificial intelligence.

360° Customer View

Have all your customer’s data available thanks to the endless possibilities to integrate with customer-facing channels (e.g. email, chatbot, Whatsapp) and your current systems and solutions (like CRM, ERP, CMS).

Data Insights & Data Privacy

Analytics, tracking, and reporting enable you to improve the performance of your campaigns while at the same time you are not compromising the data privacy rights of your customers – thanks to open source.

Features Highlights

Lead Qualification

Setup a sales funnel and score your leads based on their actions on the website, within your communication channels, or purchase history

Relevant Messages

Achieve great responses with the right message at the right time. With all your customer’s data available, you know when to send that converting message.

Sync with existing systems

Due to the unique approach of Mautic it allows for endless integration possibilities. Use one of the many existing plugins or create a new one if you use a system that is not yet covered.

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Setup Landing Pages

With our templates, it is fast and easy to create a new landing page. This is especially useful if you like to test different variations (A/B Testing).

Automated Email Marketing

Getting too many emails? With the creation of campaigns you can automate the communication for your preferred communication channels. This is especially great if you like to follow up on a lead.

Personalised Messages

Track what interests the lead or customer and send a personalized message directly to them. Every contact can choose his preferred channel (email, WhatsApp, SMS, push notification, etc.).

Experience the possibilities of open source Marketing Automation by yourself

A short tutorial enables you to see the power of Marketing Automation and Sales Funnels by yourself. You need to see it to fully understand its power.

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Open Source Marketing Automation with Aivie (based on Mautic)

A sneak preview on how easy it is to do marketing automation with the open source solution Mautic.

  • Dashboard
  • Contact History
  • Automated Campaigns
  • Newsletter Dashboard
  • Extend with Plugins

Solutions & Services for Marketing Automation

All you need to automate your marketing: fast and frictionless.


Understand & Strategy2'200 CHF
  • What is marketing automation?
  • Knowledge of Sales Funnels, CX and Marketing Automation built up
  • Comparison of marketing automation tools
  • Concepts applied and transferable
  • Campaign design with marketing automation
  • Creating a strategic basis for decision-making


Mautic Hosting with Aiviefrom 16 CHF
  • All you need to start getting leads from your website, segment your contacts and send emails that get read.
  • Scalable setup on your personal cloud server
  • Best practice email templates customized to your corporate design
  • Praxis proven landing pages and form templates
  • Sales funnel templates for campaigns, stages, and points to qualify leads


Training & Supportstarts with 49 CHF
  • Education: Our Marketing Automation Tool offers a variety of functions and options for customization. We make sure you and your team are able to get the best out of it.
  • Standby support: Sometimes specific questions arise while use of the application. We make sure you get answers and therefore are able to act quickly.
  • Community: Exchange of experiences, support, tips and tricks.

Additional Services

We provide all the services you might need when it comes to marketing automation: integration of your systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, CMS), solutions via existing plugins, the API, or custom code, individual content templates, or the implementation of individual sales funnels and campaigns.



Content & Operations


Why us?

Future Proof

We integrate software blocks according to your needs. They can be extended or exchanged at any time.

Open Source

Spend your money on content, not on technology. We build on open source software and make sure you don’t get locked in with expensive tools.

Visionary foresighted

We build on modular processes, our concept and approach is integrable with what comes in the future.

Standardized, not standard

Our tools come with a strategy and a systematic but open approach.

Why now?

Get ready for upcoming challenges and profit from the opportunities of digitalization to separate yourself from competition.

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