Let’s make a difference with sales funnels and marketing automation

Create digital customer interaction points with Automation, Personalization, and Artificial Intelligence

This is how Sales Funnels and Marketing Automation works

State of the art technology allows you to build Sales Funnels with automated campaigns and the use of bots and artificial intelligence.

Our solution integrates with API’s all your customer-facing channels Like e-mail, chat, Whatsapp for Business and your present systems and solutions, eg. CRM.

Analytics, monitoring, and reports to improve the performance compliant with GDPR, having full control and complete data ownership with a self-hosted solution.

Our Solutions & Services for sales funnels and marketing automation

In today’s loud and rapidly changing environment, it is increasingly important to build sustainable relationships. Personalized communication, implemented in the right way, meets customers’ expectations and can become a wow factor on the journey.


Private Demo
  • Access to best practice Mautic Setup
  • Sales Funnels, contacts and e-mail campaigns
  • Private environment to test with own data



Sales Funnel & Automation Setup
  • Scalable setup on your personal cloud server
  • Best practice e-mail templates customized to your corporate design
  • Forms to collect leads from website and segment your contacts
  • Sales funnel template for campaign, stages, and points to qualify leads


APIs and individual Solutions
  • Integration of your systems (e.g. CRM or CMS) 
  • Best practice solution via existing plugins, the API, and custom code 
  • Individual content templates
  • Implementation of individual sales funnels and campaigns



Continuous Improvement

Hosting and Service
  • Operations. You don’t have technical know how? Don’t worry, we make sure your marketing automation platform is safe and sound.
  • Training. The marketing automation solution offers plenty of functionality and ways to customize. We make sure you and your team get the most out of it.
  • Stand by Support. Sometimes specific questions arise during the use of the tool. We make sure you get answers and are on the way as soon as possible.

The special benefits of working with us

Spend your money on content, not on technology. We build on open source software and make sure you don’t get locked in with expensive tools.

Flexible customer interfaces. Software blocks are integrated according to your needs, they flexible exchangeable all the time.

Standardized, not standard. Our tools come with a strategy and a systematic but open approach.

Visionary foresighted. We build on modular processes, our concept and approach is integrable with what comes in the future.

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