Bringing Ideas to Market

We believe in the innovation power of digitization and technology. Moreover, we believe that solutions are created for and with people. Our aim is to help ideas come to live by designing solutions for customer needs.

Our Approach

Based on the principles of lean startup and customer centricity we prototype your business step by step.

  • Target your potential customers and create value with a tailor-made offer
  • Tell a compelling story and create a unique experience end to end
  • Set up your business presence and collect feedback and learn from it

We partner with startup hubs, incubators, and universities and participate in mentoring and coaching programs.

Feel free to contact us directly for individual services.

All Topics

Find Your Niche & Customer Targeting

You want to accurately select the target group for your business and approach customers without wasting time and money? Let’s find the right way to get to your customers.

  • Know where to find and how to approach your potential customers
  • Better interpret customers’ needs and create a specific persona for your target group
  • Reach out to potential customers and start getting feedback

Value Proposition & Pricing

You want to sell your product or service to the market but are unclear about the willingness to pay off your customers? Let’s find the ideal pricing model for your unique value.

  • Define the value you bring to your customers
  • Learn about pricing models and ways to present your value
  • Test your customers’ willingness to pay and start selling

Customer Journey & Delights

You want to differentiate your brand from competitors and provide a winning experience? Let’s convince your potential customers with your uniqueness.

  • Define the starting point of your customer’s journey and develop an end-to-end view
  • Create ways to delight your customers at crucial points in the journey
  • Identify the crucial topics regarding fulfillment and start working on it

Sales Funnel & Online Marketing

You want to improve your sales and develop existing customers? Let’s roll out the red carpet for your customers.

  • Learn to pick up your customers where they are
  • Design a step by step sales funnel towards your product or service
  • Take the first step and reach out to your customers

Prototyping & Testing

You want to test your idea on the market? Let’s find out whether your offering kicks.

  • Tell a consistent and compelling story on your channels
  • Build a landing page or online profile to promote your product or service
  • Reach out to customers, collect feedback to refine your offer
Sarah Seyr Treppenhaus farbig

Meet Sarah

My mission is to create businesses that add value for customers. I build on technology for the human benefit, and I am passionate about designing solutions with a psychological twist. 

Sarah Seyr, PhD

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Adrian Schimpf Mauer farbig

Meet Adrian

Die Schaffung innovativer Produkte und Dienstleistungen, die das Leben der Nutzer verbessern, ist seit über 15 Jahren meine Passion als Produktmanager, Experience Consultant, Solution Architect und Software Engineer.

Adrian Schimpf, M.S.

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