Connect Mautic with Trello

Never miss a thing, see all the relevant contact information from Mautic directly in Trello.

Add your Mautic Contacts to Trello Cards

Easily search for any Mautic contact, and add it to your Trello card. From now on you will have all your relevant contact details at your fingertip, and you will know when is the right time to reach out.

Mautic Kontakt zu Trello Karte hinzufügen

Printscreens Trello Mautic Integration

Easily see important information from your Mautic contacts directly in Trello

  • Trello Karte mit Informationen aus Mautic
    Trello Board with Mautic Information
  • Details Trello Karte mit Mautic Informationen
    Trello Card Detail
  • Konfigurierte Mautic Information in Trello

Create a new Trello card from a Mautic contact

Add a Mautic contact to a Trello board

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Open your Mautic Settings Sidebar and click on API Credentials:

Mautic Settings Sidebar

Create new oAuth2 credentials with the following values:

Name: Anything you like. E.g. Trello
Redirect URI:
Click save and close
Add to CORS Domains
If you have your CORS Domains restricted (recommended) please add to your „Valid Domains“ in Mautic > Settings > CORS settings.
If you enabled CORS just now, make sure your website and other external services can still connect to Mautic.

In order to sync a new contact to a card, you can simply add the link to the contact as an attachment.


or use the build in search functionality:

Show how to add a Mautic Contact to a Trello CardOnce you have added the link it should look like this:

If you have the Trello Plugin in Mautic it gets even simpler. Just open your contact and click on „Add to Trello“.

If you see this page it most likely means that your API Settings are wrong. Please disable the plugin, re-enable it, and double-check your settings. It could also be that your Oauth2.0 keys in Mautic are wrong!

If you see this warning it means that your secret key is wrong. Please disable the plugin and add it again to change the settings.

Found A Bug? Missing a Feature?

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