Case: Bye Bye Segmentation, hello Marketing Automation

Merging customer data and building digital-first marketing processes

The luxury travel provider in the case study has been serving customers in the luxury segment from Europe, the USA and South America for 15 years. Over the years, customer channels have grown organically. Several different departments perform maintenance on demand. 

Over 10 different customer/lead lists exist and are processed manually. A multichannel strategy, prioritization of leads and a personal approach is not possible. Many compromises also have to be accepted in the user experience.

In addition, expensive tools were used, applying pressure on the marketing budget. Due to the fragmented tool landscape, however, no clear statements can be made about the added value in performance.


Customer Focus

Company Size
50 Employees

Project Duration
3 Month

Our Approach

Setup of a new, digitalized marketing and communication logic with automated processes

Sales Funnel Logic

Step-by-step development of qualified leads

Content Strategy

Personalized and reusable content

Customer-Centric Processes

Lean processes and added value in every interaction

«Now we keep growing our list and sending newsletters weekly without paying any extra.»

Jessica Meza
CEO Haugan Cruises

Case Study


  • Reduce manual marketing activities
  • Consistent appearance in the market
  • Better customer experience and increased sales through faster and more personalized responses


  • Different, organically grown processes do not mesh with each other
  • A large number of unstructured but poor quality data are available 
  • Communication strategy and standards are missing

Methods and Action

Setup of a marketing automation solution based on the open source technology Mautic

  • Creation of a complete database
  • Integrate and synchronize the website and the booking portal

Implement a publishing process including automated campaigns

  • Development of the sales funnel and setup of the campaign logic 
  • Training and coaching for new digital skills and processes in the communication team


The 15 existing customer lists are combined into one complete and optimized list. With the marketing automation solution, 12 personalized marketing emails and newsletters are regularly sent to different target groups: B2C and B2B. The emails achieve an average read rate of 22%. 

The advanced tracking features provide insights based on visitors’ actions and behavior on the website. The sales team is able to identify the interested leads and follow up with a customized call or email. As a result, the team works more effectively, and communication is continuously improved.


A shift towards customer centricity took place in the communications team. Specifically, from the news logic in the newsletter to the customer logic. Previously, breaking news from the Galapagos was communicated broadly in a rather random fashion. This content was created ad-hoc and used once. With the marketing automation solution, content can now be delivered in a more targeted manner. Customers are served individualized newsletters, depending on their interests and travel time. Content can therefore be reused for new leads. The content creators are thus relieved of the burden of constantly creating new content. The focus is on better serving leads with a selection of existing, restructured content.

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«The tool is perfect for entrepreneurs and companies that don’t want to pay more every time their list grows.»

Jessica Meza,
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